Surveys Remover For Chrome Browser

Tired of filling out survey forms and getting spammed by marketers? Adopt these quick fixes and never face a survey again.

Online surveys are the most annoying things ever. They pop up on your screen when you are browsing the Internet and particularly when you are playing an exciting game or shopping online or downloading important files. It is highly irritating to see a survey showing up and blocking your further progress in a download or a game or video and then being held hostage by the survey till you respond to it and fill out whatever it asks you to fill out. Remember that most surveys will not let you proceed further till you respond to it and complete it in full.


Surveys appearing on your screen look harmless on the surface after all, it is just asking you to answer a couple of simple questions in under a minute, and offering a prize or gift coupon in return. But once you have done this, then it asks for your email ID, your mobile phone number and your name before it assures you of passing on a promo code or discount coupon. The worst part is, the survey will not quit the window till you fill in all the details and complete it. Also, till the process is finished, it will block access to the webpages and downloads you were about to complete. That means you will give away your personal details with the intention of getting rid of the survey. At the end of it all, the promised discount or promo code will never come, and if it does, it will lead you to a fake file or site. These surveys are aimed at collecting your information which makes it easier for sites to monitor your presence on the Internet – and phishers may also be watching you.

Don’t fall prey to this situation – in this article we are sharing some amazing methods on how to bypass surveys on chrome browser with chrome extension.

ways to bypass surveys

The question of how to bypass survey online cannot be answered unless we know what constitutes a survey programme. By nature, surveys are scripted using Java, so you must disable the Java script to disable the survey. Most surveys on the Internet today originate from sites such as or These sites work by paying the person uploading the files every time someone fills out a survey and completes it. This middleman is the affiliate marketer for the site.

You can easily experience the benefit of online survey bypass with no download of extensions or add-ons, if you access to sites such as The next time you are browsing a web page and a survey blocks your path, just do this: log on to the surveybypass website and copy and paste the URL of the survey that has appeared. Now hit ‘Go’. After this, the site will give you the link of the site you are trying to access but which the survey has blocked. The survey will not appear again.

Block surveys on Google Chrome

Installing a useful extension on your Google Chrome browser will block surveys at once when the survey is trying to load on your web page. It works the same way that AdBlock Plus works to block ads on sites and social media networks. To block surveys on your screen, download the bypass surveys extension for Google Chrome. However, it is not 100% fail proof and some surveys may still go through. You can now bypass survey on chrome with help of the following extension.

Install the extension by clicking on this link – Click here to download the extension

Once you do this, the extension will not allow survey scripts to run on your web page.