Survey Remover Tool Websites

Know which websites are most likely to float surveys online while you browse, and how to deal with them to prevent waste of time and resources.

Online surveys are the most annoying things ever. They pop up on your screen when you are browsing the Internet and particularly when you are shopping online or downloading files. They make an appearance just when your downloads are in the last stages of completion, and they won’t let you proceed further till you respond to the survey and complete it.

Surveys appearing on your screen look innocent on the surface, asking you to answer a couple of simple questions, and then asking for your email ID, phone number and name to pass on a promo code or discount coupon to you. The worst part is, the survey will not quit the window till you fill in all the details and complete it. Also, till the process is finished, it will block access to the webpages and downloads you were about to complete.

However, don’t be tempted to complete the survey just to get rid of it. These surveys make use of the information you give for marketing or worse, phishing. In some cases, the data you give out may also be sold to telemarketing companies, who will then inundate you with calls and offers in your messenger or email inbox.

Don’t trouble yourself through ignorance. Instead learn how to bypass surveys and save your details from falling into the wrong hands.

The sites to keep away from

There are some websites that function purely as survey sites and float surveys on other webpages on the Internet. These websites are,, and You will become acquainted with these sites every time you try to download any file – these sites immediately pop up and ask the user to fill out a simple survey. They make the user click on the link, which leads to a download, and they promise to pay the user after he or she fills out the survey.
Tertiary survey sites are and The best thing to do is bypass surveys software if you know how to remove surveys online. If you don’t, here’s some help:

1. Eliminate surveys

This method is useful only to deal with surveys floated by website. It is a free extension that you can easily download from Google search engines. Install it and you will be able to eliminate surveys very easily.

2. Useful extensions for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

Most people use Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers on the Internet. There are some useful extensions that work well with both these browsers to help you bypass surveys online free of cost. For Firefox, simply do this: in the list of add-ons for this browser, select the Redirect Bypass add-on and allow it to install on your device. For those using Google Chrome, install the Bypass Surveys extension. Both these add-ons do not allow surveys to appear when you are browsing. You may have to update them periodically for optimum results.

3. Access

This is a website that gives one the freedom to continue browsing at the point that they were interrupted by a survey pop-up. It is very simple to use: when the survey appears, simply copy and paste the survey URL or link and feed it into the indicated field on the site. Within seconds, the site isolates the cookies, script and objects backing that survey page, and cleans it out of the web page you are browsing.