‘Paid to survey’ sites and how they can trick you.

Not all surveys that pay users to answer questions are illegitimate and fake. But some might be scam sites, so users must be very careful.

In today’s world, the Internet has made it very useful for people to make some extra cash while they work in their day jobs. There are a million websites that actually pay people to do some quick data check work, or fill in multiple choice questionnaires for companies, take real time exam tests for students and even answer simple survey questions in their free time.

Most of these sites are free to use and not all companies asking people to answer surveys for a fee are illegitimate ones. There are many reputed companies that actually pay good money for people answering a bunch of surveys on a daily or weekly basis. All the user has to do is create an account with the site, follow all guidelines and submission protocols, and submit a fixed batch of surveys in a stipulated time. The companies then review the submitted work and deposit the payment in the user’s bank account.

bypass survey online

If you are actually looking to make money by doing simple work of this sort online, then you can opt to be a part of paid surveys. If you are even slightly suspicious of this mode of work, just learn how to bypass surveys.

How paid surveys work

Many paid surveys ask users to enter answers to simple questions about the products they use in their homes or the online shopping websites they access often. Others may ask the user to fill out the survey after using a product or service. If users are not comfortable sharing personal information of any kind, they should simply know how to skip surveys online.

There is always a catch

The problem starts in finding survey sites that are reliable in the context of being genuine surveying tools and paying people who complete many surveys. You may have seen many advertisements on the websites you visit, or on your social media networks, which promise good money just for filling out survey forms. All you have to do is take a few online surveys and the company will send you the promised payment.

However, there are tons of fraudulent survey sites that appear authentic or which mimic the overall look and feel of legitimate sites to such an extent that the user is fooled into thinking that he or she is answering genuine survey questions. These sites ask for the user’s bank details to ‘deposit the payment’, when actually the user’s bank account details will be used for nefarious purposes.The survey site may actually be a phishing site that notes the bank account numbers and hacks into innocent users’ bank accounts. Once hacked, the site may start extracting money from the site, instead of putting money into it!

Many scam sites are very clever about luring victims into giving up their bank details. They set up authentic looking fake profiles of people who purportedly work as marketing agents with major companies. The user will be connected to this fake profile for initial correspondence – there may even be web chats with this profile to build authenticity! Once the person feels that the offer to do paid surveys seems legitimate, he or she may reveal their bank details or their PayPal account addresses – this leaves the door open for the scammers to cheat their victims.

If the user is in any doubt about the authenticity of a site, he or she must simply learn how to bypass surveys. It is better also to bypass survey downloads to be safer.