How To Bypass Online Surveys Get Rid Of Survey Trap

Here’s a step-wise tutorial on understanding why online surveys are not a very good investment for your time and efforts.


Many people take to the Internet to fetch them some much-needed extra cash. There are a variety of part time jobs available on the Internet, with various sites looking for data entry operators, freelance content writers and even people filling out surveys for payments. The last mode, especially, seems like a good option for most people – you just need to fill out survey forms, and after submitting them, you get paid by the surveying company.

Surveys offered by sites are often floated by FMCG companies looking for viewer or user feedback on a new product or service they are launching. Getting feedback from actual users outside of their focus groups helps them develop and market the product better. They will ask the user to give their responses to a new product or service, sometimes after using the product or recommending it to friends, relatives and colleagues.

You should know how to bypass surveys that are fake on the Internet.

Are these paid surveys legit?

There are very few legitimate online surveys that pay respondents to answer survey questions. At best, it is best to bypass surveys online if you come across an offer to participate in them.

A few years ago, there was a boom in this trend of making money by taking a simple survey on the Internet. Many companies realised it was a good way to get live market feedback on their products and services. However, companies soon realised that there were several small firms acting as agencies to get these surveys filled – and sometimes, they filled the surveys in bulk to make a lot of money from these companies. The practice slowly tapered off.

Today, there are very companies actually gathering customer feedback through online surveys. Major companies devote a large chunk of their yearly budgets to marketing and gathering initial feedback from focus groups in controlled settings, so there is really no need for them to depend on feedback, sometimes dubiously obtained over the Internet, to get inputs. Hence, it is better to remember that most surveys out there in the online space may not even be legitimate ones.

How can paid surveys be a scam?

Think about it. When you come across a pop up ad that declares ‘Earn $500 a week simply by filling surveys!’ the offer might actually be a scam. Why would anybody pay an unknown person from somewhere in the world this much money just to fill out surveys? Once you click on the ad or link, you are given a brief description about what is expected of you. You will then be informed that you need to deposit some money to register your account with the company bypass surveys.

This means that you are actually paying to get work in the future. And the surveys may not even appear! You may give your bank details hoping that the company will deposit money in your account, and you will wait for days because the company has no intention of paying you a dime! Giving up your bank details to any person or entity on the Internet, especially those whose credentials you have not verified, is a sure recipe for disaster. You are opening yourself up to malware and phishing attacks, especially from scammers who are looking for gullible people to give their bank account numbers. Not only will you lose your signing up money, your account may be emptied of the available funds as well.