Bypass online surveys by downloading Survey tool

How can you bypass surveys on the Internet? Read on to know more.
Sometimes, even reading news of disaster on the Internet is not as depressing as being constantly deluged by advertising gimmicks. You know what we’re talking about – pop up ads asking you to ‘click and get 50% discount’ or ‘Sign up for best offers’ every time you load a new web page or play a game on your mobile phone. These ads are extremely annoying and you might end up clicking on them by mistake.


Most of these ad pop-ups function on a Cost Per Action (CPA) model, which means that the advertising company gets business only when the user goes on the link or pop-up and makes a purchase.

However, there are other types of ads that are cleverly disguised by advertising and marketing companies. These type of ads are made to look like online surveys, which are designed in a simple single-window format that asks you to answer a simple question ‘to find out more’ about an attractive offer. If you’re not clever enough, you might be sucked into checking out a product or service offered by some company – and you thought that it was just a survey question! These surveys also function on a CPA model, while some may even be a Cost Per Click (CPC) model. Instead, stock up on information on how to bypass surveys altogether.

Getting past online surveys :-

It is not difficult to know how to skip surveys online, you just need the right information and tools.

For starters, one good way of ensuring that you never have to deal with online surveys is by downloading a blocking extension like AdBlock Plus that does not allow unsolicited pop-ups and ads from showing up at all. The blocked sites are then lined up separately.

In another case, you may be barred from accessing the next page of some content by a survey window or site. In this case, follow these steps: Go to the Task Manager of your computer, press Control+Alt+Escape and select the name of your browser. Next end the process by clicking ‘End task’ or ‘End process now’.

Other sites float a link or a file that you have to compulsorily click on or respond to just before you access the payment page of a site, for example, an online shopping site. You might feel that the survey has been floated by the company you may be shopping from, but it might just be a bad add-on that has tagged itself to your browser. Once you click on the link, you may have to make a small purchase or pay a small sum of money to proceed further. This expense is justified under ‘Adding you to our esteemed shopper’s network’ or ‘First entry to special offers zone’, etc. Know how to get past this method of cheating the user: get a free survey bypasser downloadonline that will route you to the rest of the site by circumventing the survey window.

You can download the survey bypasser tool from below :-


Others report some simple things to do when confronted with online surveys. Logging on to many sites’ mobile versions helps automatically bypass online survey free of cost. You don’t need to install any remover or blocker extensions in this case.

The best thing to do is to restrict your Internet usage to sites that are secure, especially when shopping or banking online. Look for sites that have ‘https://’ in their URL to know if a site is secured by admins or not. Secure sites do not allow access to extraneous or malicious pop-ups.