4 Ways to skip online surveys on chrome

It is really simple to bypass online surveys that pester you for feedback or block your access to content. Arm yourself with some useful information.

Online surveys are extremely irritating, and they are potentially dangerous to both our computers and our bank accounts. Most of the surveys are floated by companies seeking your personal information so that they can spam you with marketing offers. Others are more dangerous – they block your access mid-way while you are browsing, and do not allow you to proceed till you respond to the survey or pay a small amount.

You may have come across online surveys several times while browsing the Internet. These are pop-up windows or banners that show up on the page you are browsing and they refuse to quit till you respond to them. They may appear innocent enough on the surface, but actually, online surveys are harmful tools that spread malware, cheat people of money, and even cost genuine companies millions of dollars annually by floating fake information on the Internet.You can get a better, clutter-free browsing experience if you know how to bypass surveys.


Try these few tips to skip online surveys :-

Use SurveyBypass
Say you are downloading some apps or a software or even an audio file. Just when the site asks you to download the app/software/file, a pop-up window appears asking you to fill in some information (which they promise will only take a minute). You cannot seem to proceed to the next step of the download till you respond to the survey. In this case, go to surveybypass.com and feed in the URL of the site you were browsing. This step will help you go to the site without being barred entry by some annoying survey.

Use some good blocking extension
Google has free extensions available for users who want to know how to remove surveys online for free. These extensions also teach you how to how to skip online surveys for free without the need to remove or block them. Just download a useful extension like ScriptBlock, which is great for Google Chrome browsers. This extension eliminates Java scripts, thus eliminating survey pages from the sites, since these operate on the basis of Java. Alternately, you can access the Settings on your computer or mobile phone, and click on the link that prompts you to disable Java script. This removes and blocks surveys and you can browse without interruption. However, Mozilla Firefox browsers do not have these extensions.

Remove the survey page from the site’s script.
If you are adept at reading HTML scripts and understanding the machinations of Java, this one’s right up your street. When a survey suddenly appears, right click on the survey window. A pop-up menu will appear, in this, click on ‘Inspect element’. A page of HTML script will appear. On this, look for the script that runs the survey and delete it. Shut this page now. After this, you will not be bothered by survey pop-ups.

Use a good add-on.
This is useful for those who use the Mozilla Firefox browser. Use an add-on like Redirect that works constantly to pounce on extraneous pages and pop-ups that appear when you are browsing. Install this add-on (look for it on Google, it is free) and browse as before. Like AdBlock Plus, it works to capture the survey sites and links and queues them up separately, where you may choose to ignore them or delete them. It is better to delete the sites thus queued up for a better browsing experience. Meanwhile, you can go back to the site you were on.