3 tricks to use when bypassing surveys

Online surveys are designed to take your information and give you nothing in return. Don’t be fooled – use these 3 tricks to fool the surveys instead!

Consider this situation:you are on a site to check out the best bargains on expensive electronic goods.You are mulling the purchase of an expensive mobile phone and checking out the specs on the models you wish to buy. Suddenly, a window appears that says, ‘Get the best deals in mobile phones – click here NOW!’

Intrigued, you click on the window and realise you have to answer three questions, at the end of which you are promised a coupon that you can redeem to get a hefty discount on the mobile phone of your choice. You are told to enter your email ID and click on the activation link emailed to you. You click on the link and wait for the window to send you your promo code. Then it dawns on you that the code is not coming – and you have just parted with your personal details!

You have been had by an online survey – you wouldn’t be fooled if you knew how to bypass surveys on the Internet. But all is not lost. Use these 3 great tricks to completely bypass surveys software that waits to pounce on you when you are online, by means of using the right tools and information. What’s more, you don’t need to pay anything to get rid of these pesky surveys!

Extract the survey links
If the survey links or windows are hosted on the same page as the one you are browsing in your browser, you can simply learn how to skip surveys online. When the survey window pops up, right click on it. On the pop-up menu that appears, look down the list and find ‘Inspect element’. In the page that appears, look for something like ‘Console’ – you will easily find this if you know how to read HTML script. In the text input box here, type out this code: urls = $$(‘a’); for (url in urls) console.log ( urls[url].href );. Click on ‘Enter’. Now you will see a series of links – these are all the survey links. Delete all of them. Alternately, look for links ending with .js – delete them because these are the survey links.

Edit the survey’s script
The survey will appear suddenly while you are browsing other web pages. When it does, do this: open the webpage in Google Chrome. Now, when the survey window pops up again, right click on it. A new pop-up window will open. In the menu that has just popped up, look for ‘Inspect Element’. Click on this. If you are adept at reading and using HTML, you can immediately spot the code for the survey. It will be written in Java. Delete this entire script to disable the surveys from appearing on the site again while you are browsing.

Use fake names for stubborn surveys
Despite disabling scripts, some surveys may still block the user from accessing web pages further. In this case, fill the survey, but play it smart: put in fictitious details wherever your details are asked. A good idea is to use a tool like fakenamegenerator that instantly creates a fake profile for you. You can enter a fake name, fake phone number, a wrong birth date, a fictitious company and even a wrong credit card number. Hit ‘Enter’ and continue browsing in peace; you cannot be traced back and your details are still intact and not likely to be misused by malware or phishers.